III. Activity, Technology, and Well-being

III. Activity, Technology, and Well-being


New technologies can help prevent social isolation

What technologies help us age better?

New technologies can help older people overcome multiple hurdles: prevent falls, help in rehabilitation processes, or prevent social isolation, among other aspects.

The world’s population tends to become increasingly concentrated in large cities. It is important to bear this in mind when planning and designing them.

We must think about smart cities where older people can travel more easily and with more peace of mind, where traffic lights are adapted to their walking speed, voice alerts are made suitable for those with hearing loss, and electronic panels have an appropriate font size and reading time to make them easier to understand.

The audiovisual series "Towards Healthy Longevity" compiles the objectives and results achieved from ten R&D projects, driven by the Fundación General del CSIC, aimed at developing innovative solutions to enhance the quality of life for elderly individuals.

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Smart cities
adapted to
societies that
live longer

Smart cities offer the following with regards to active and healthy ageing:


Smart services.

For public transportation, disease prevention and adverse events via the smart management of the population and the environment.


Leisure centres.

Which provide personalised services tailored to the people who visit these centres, such as public libraries that offer group activities for cognitive training or municipal gyms where people can do exercises to maintain their physical balance.


The Podcast

What will ageing be like in 30 years?

This episode answers the question posed in the title; moreover, it analyses the role of artificial intelligence in terms of healthcare and whether it will help us age better, with the help of Juan Antonio Botía, Professor of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at Universidad de Murcia.

What will ageing be like in 30 years?


Juan Antonio Botía, Esther Tricio and Candela Ruiz.