III. Activity, Technology, and Well-being

III. Activity, Technology, and Well-being


Given an ever-growing level of spending associated with the payment of pensions, it is necessary to increase payments into the Social Security system.

Will we work the same in long-living societies?

The increase in longevity has brought about a delay in almost all life changes. We are extending our youth.

In such a situation it is expected that transitions related to working life in long-living societies are also delayed both at the beginning and at the end.

Will I have to work until later in life?
Will I be able to work until later in life?

  • The mandatory extension of working life is related to the design of the pension system.
  • The voluntary extension corresponds to the desire of many people to continue participating in the labour market.

Will I take work away from young people?

In countries where people work until later in life, more young people are working, not less.

And how do we address this situation?