III. Activity, Technology, and Well-being

III. Activity, Technology, and Well-being


Ensuring education systems with continuous training throughout the lives of people is essential for achieving success in extending one’s working life

Is it good to work more years?

Research shows that the effects of retirement on health widely vary for the standard of living both before and after the fact.

Retirement marks an important transition in people’s lives, but with very different meanings and effects.

In English, the word retirement (retreat) suggests moving away from what came before or from familiar surroundings; in Spanish, the word jubilación comes from ‘iubilare’ in Latin (shout joyfully); and in Portuguese, the word jubilado is someone who is ‘settled’, evoking tranquillity and enjoying what they have achieved.

The effects of retirement:

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What determining
factors condition my retirement?

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The type of work carried out, income level and health status of the individual, together with other psychological, physical and social factors, affect how they live during retirement. Learn about the most relevant ones.

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