V. Centenarians

V. Centenarians


Most centenarians live a century or more in good physical and mental conditions

The era of the centenarians.

The group of people 100 years old or older is the group that has grown the most in our population: it has increased fivefold in the last 20 years.

Blowing out 100 candles on one’s birthday, something exceptional in the past, is becoming increasingly common.

Nowadays in Spain about 500 people cross the 100-year-old threshold every month, most of them being women.

Which region has the largest population of centenarians?

Map of centenarians in Spain.
Year 2020

Total number of people 100 years old or older



Hombre Mujer
andalucia376 / 1088Andalucía
aragon97 / 432Aragón
asturias62 / 305Asturias
canarias137 / 348Canarias
cantabria34 / 177Cantabria
castilla_leon216 / 970Castilla y León
castilla_mancha146 / 437Castilla-La Mancha
catalunya275 / 1672Cataluña
ceuta6 / 11Ceuta
comunidad_valenciana230 / 850C. Valenciana
extremadura69 / 212Extremadura
galicia220 / 972Galicia
islas_baleares37 / 146Islas Baleares
madrid291 / 1646C. de Madrid
melilla7 / 12Melilla
murcia44 / 137Región de Murcia
pais_vasco70 / 495País Vasco
rioja26 / 93La Rioja


Learn about the life expectancy of some of the centenarians in our country.

Castilla León

Castile and León






Around year 2050
in Spain, about 1000
people will
pass this mark
every month

Most centenarians are women and are between 100
and 105 years old:


The Podcast


This episode analyses the future that awaits us with the increase in life expectancy, as well as how reach 100 years old healthy and the keys to centenary longevity, through the story of Purificación Ramos and thanks to Xesús Lage, sociologist and expert in ageing at the Department of Sociology at Universidad de Vigo.


Thank you:

Xesús Lage and Purificación Ramos.


What causes the imbalances in the rates of centenarians in Spain?

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The imbalances in the rates of centenarians in Spain can be explained by the degree of social development, cultural context, and environmental and territorial factors, together with geographic factors that are less known and analysed than those known as “individual factors of longevity”. Without a doubt, factors of this type, which have a hereditary or genetic component, have a role but would be insufficient without the influence of geographical and environmental factors and vice versa.

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