V. Centenarians

V. Centenarians


Spain is among the countries with the greatest longevity in the world

a model of healthy ageing.

Normal ageing is characterised by the fact that as of an intermediate age in life, one begins to experience an increase in diseases, especially degenerative ones.

Exceptional ageing is characteristic of centenarians who are a model of satisfactory ageing, since diseases appear in very late stages of life and they require very little medical care. Their genetic make-up is very important.

Exceptional ageing of centenarians is inherited

Centenarians are an example of life. Not only because of their genes, but also because they follow a healthy lifestyle that leads them to exceptional ageing.

It is also important to take into account that without economic progress and social and healthcare policies, people who reach 65 year of age will not have the same chances of survival.


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Keys for longevity

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This study, conducted among centenarians in New Zealand by researchers at the University of Otago, demonstrates that not smoking and social involvement in advanced age are common features of this group in this country in Oceania.

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