IV. Aging well

IV. Aging well


The healthcare system is another basic pillar to increase longevity and healthy ageing

How does the caregiving system protect me?

We all care for and are cared for at different times in our life.

Intergenerational solidarity is essential for ensuring caregiving from childhood to old age.

The caregiving
responsibility falls
jointly on people,
homes, society and
the government

Are formal caregiving, provided by public services or market mechanisms, and informal care, provided by family members or friends, being replaced or supplemented?

They are being supplemented.

Providing formal caregiving makes it easier to redistribute family resources towards other types of support, such that the beneficiary receive more overall care.

It is a good idea to encourage a greater distribution of caregiving based on gender and age.

Source: “Care for others as we would like to be cared for” Poster.
“La Caixa” Social Project, 2016.

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Take care of
yourself today so that we don’t have to take care of you tomorrow

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The general idea, the most important one, is that you should take care of yourself so that others don’t have to take care of you. Caring for yourself is not selfish, but altruistic.

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