IV. Aging well

IV. Aging well


New technologies can improve the quality of life in old age

Social and technological innovation.

Social and technological innovations contribute to improving our autonomy.

Economic, innovative and sustainable solutions are currently being promoted to care for elderly people, so that they continue living in their own homes or in shared homes, co-housing or in apartments with services.

On the other hand, social enterprises are being promoted which ensure the well-being of older people in terms of basic needs and leisure, enabling all players in the ecosystem (entrepreneurs, caretakers, families) and dedicating resources to the design innovation of public and private spaces.

With a focus on social justice, innovations must be accessible to all older people, regardless of their purchasing power.

The use of new technologies can favour the social integration of older people who reside in the community.

Although digital technology cannot replace the human touch, it can supplement it and sometimes be useful as demonstrated by teleassistance and telemedicine.

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Do you know the differences in the quality of life for older people with dementia?

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Dementia in older people can have many causes, including Alzheimer’s disease. Regardless of its source, the lives of older people with dementia are affected in several ways, including a gradual loss of their autonomy, increase in health problems and the growing need for assistance, all of which is reflected in a declining quality of life.

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