II. Starting point

II. Starting point


Diet and exercise can have an effect on our genetics, slowing ageing and improving our quality of life, i.e., we live longer and better

Healthy habits.

To successfully age, it is important to have optimal nutrition, adapted to the different stages of life, and a rich and varied balanced diet.

40% of the European population over 70 years old have a protein and vitamin deficiency, which causes frailty. Food can reverse it.






Four pieces
of fruit
or vegetables
per day

The diet to reach 100 years old.

There is no ideal diet to reach the age of 100, but there is one that can help us live up to an additional fifteen years.

It isn’t always easy for older people to cover all their nutritional requirements through food alone. Protein-rich foods are usually expensive and difficult to cook and chew. That’s why it may be necessary to take specific multivitamin and protein supplements, always under the supervision of a healthcare professional.

Another important factor that conditions a good diet is the absorption of nutrients. Older people experience changes in their microbiota (gut flora), which may cause the connections between the gut and the brain to be modified.

Doctor José de Letamendi (1828-1897), Professor of Anatomy in Barcelona and Professor of Pathology in Madrid, philosopher and educator, wrote this décima to describe his prescription for a health life and reaching 100 years old:

An honest and orderly life,
use of few remedies
and by all means
not changing anything

Food, order,
exercise and leisure,
never be stressed,
go out to the countryside
for a bit, little time indoors,
lots of care and be constantly active


Do you know the relationship between
microbiota, the gut and the brain?

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The existence of a brain-gut-microbiota axis is based on the dynamic alignment between these parts of the body, such that it allows the gut microbiota to influence the activity of the central nervous system and the brain, and therefore, both conscious and unconscious cognitive activities.

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