IV. Aging well

IV. Aging well


Grandparents are an essential support for raising new generations

How longevity affects our families.

Will socio-demographic changes cause us to have fewer relatives?

No, thanks to the increase in longevity, we will have more relatives than any other generation.

We will share more than half of our life with both parents and also with adult children. Many children (of our children) will have great-grandparents and even great-great-grandparents.

Do generations compete against each other?

No, they work together. If we look at our families, there is so much solidarity between generations!

During most of our life (except in childhood and youth), we contribute more to other generations of our family than what we receive from them.

We live longer
with both parents
and also with
adult children

Spain is one of the European countries with a smaller percentage of grandparents since we reach this stage later in life.

On the other hand, it is one of the European societies in which grandparents dedicate more hours to taking care of their grandchildren.

Many of our
children will have
and even

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Is there a relationship between
being a grandparent and retirement age?

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In recent decades, female participation in the labour market has also grown significantly. As a result, childcare has become an important issue when combining work and family life.

This is why having grandchildren may be one reason why older people retire before reaching the standard age.

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