IV. Aging well

IV. Aging well


The increase in healthy longevity allows us to remain in our home longer

Living under the same roof?

Most old people want to continue living in their home, in their own living space, close to their neighbours.

The increase in healthy longevity makes us more and more likely to maintain our residential autonomy later in life. In Spain, on average, this autonomy is lost when individuals are between 85 and 90 years old.

How can we encourage residential autonomy in old age?

To continue living in one’s own home, an individual needs to have a proper income (which is directly related to sufficiency of pensions, especially widowhood pensions) and be able to care for oneself (where access to changes in the home and home services is relevant).

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A home under different roofs?

In Mediterranean societies, links between members of different generations are very strong. When they live close to each other, they function as a home under different roofs. If no relatives live close by, networks of friends and neighbours become essential.

There are also residential innovations in old age, such as housing associations for older people known as co-housing, where mutual support and collaboration are offered.


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In an ageing society, access to housing is a central issue and as such it must be addressed to offer alternatives to older people that will let them live in dignity and with respect for their autonomy.

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